Suddrirha Bharat Initiative

Ensuring Health and Nutrition for Every Child and Mother

About us

Suddrirha Bharat digital application is part of Suddrirha Bharat initiative which is a comprehensive approach to address the health and nutrition of children upto the age of five years. This is the first Public- Private Partnership ( PPP ) under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) between JSW Foundation and the Government of Maharashtra, where JSW Foundation has assured a long-term commitment to the Government in tackling child malnutrition through an evidence-based model that can be replicated elsewhere. The application not only facilitates the growth monitoring of the adolescent girls, women (pregnant and lactating) and children upto the age of five years in the real time through GPS enabled telephony system from the nutrition surveillance perspective, but also helps various stakeholders in taking appropriate action based on it.

Department of Women and Child Development ( DWCD ), Government of Maharashtra ( GoM ) through Integrated Child Development Scheme( ICDS ) has focused approach to improve the nutritional status of children in Maharashtra.

To give a large impetus to the issue of child health, Government of Maharashtra issued a Gazetteer that allows the Public- Private Partnership ( PPP) through Corporate Social Responsibility( CSR ) of the lead companies in Maharashtra. JSW is the first corporate which joined hands with The GoM in addressing the issue of child malnutrition since the issuance of the Gazetteer.

Goal: To facilitate the development of a comprehensive and sustainable approach for eliminating every preventable and treatable incidence of malnutrition among adolescent girls, mothers ( both pregnant and lactating) and children below the age of six years in Palghar district, leading to a scalable and replicable model for the country.

Duration: Six years ( 2014-20).

Our Focus

In the month of January 2014 Government of Maharashtra signed a MoU with JSW Foundation to address the issue of child malnutrition. JSW Foundation was the first corporate to join hands with Government of Maharashtra(GoM) and selected Palghar district out of 15 high burden districts identified by GoM and launched the Suddrirha Bharat Abhiyan (Initiative) with a robust intervention strategy.
We are working relentlessly to tackle the issue of malnutrition, facilitating to make learning more effective and meaningful, empowering the youth through employable skill programs, ensuring water security through long-term watershed development programs, providing access to sanitation facilities in rural areas to make them open defecation free, preserve and conserve national heritage and promotion of sports.
Currently we are working in Jawhar, Mokhada and Vikramgad talukas of Palghar district which comprises 95% tribal population. Most of the area is geographically difficult to access in the form small hamlets scattered in hills and jungles.


Under 6 Years

According to World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent report, 2.5 million children in India die every single year due to malnutrition...
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Adolescent Girls

Age Between 13-18

Adolescence is the transition period between childhood and adulthood, a window of opportunity for the improvement of nutritional status and correcting ...
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Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women and lactating mothers

As per UNICEF report one third of women of reproductive age in India are undernourished , with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 kg/m2...
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Child Registration


Adolescent Girl


Pregnant Women




To ensure a long-term and sustained approach to tackle child malnutrition, cluster based approach has been designed where every ICDS BEAT has been divided into three clusters which are the groups of anganwadi with geographical proximity. The three prone strategy has been adopted in discussion with the government:


A cascade model of training has been designed where a pool of master trainers drawn from the key line departments of government working on child nutrition including women and child development, health, tribal development, education and rural development undergo regular inputs relating to performance excellence.

Social Mobilization

A process of behavior change communication is adopted where the cadre of grassroots worker including anganwadi worker is motivated through series of activities that include: 1) Information, Education and Communication ( IEC ) materia  2)  Street Play training and performances on local issues relating to health and nutrition   3) Village level meeting

Mentoring and Monitoring

The process of mentoring and monitoring is being strengthened through committed efforts of the government cadre through : 1)   Cluster level Meeting   2)   Taluka Level Task Force Meeting   3)   District Level Task Force meeting

Total Covered

JSW Foundation is the social development arm of JSW group of companies with governing philosophy that every human being has immense potential to flourish given the correct opportunity to thrive. The foundation adopts a collaborative approach where communities are at the centre of all our initiatives. Our attempt is to add value through research and partnerships and scaling up sustainable solutions.


Key Components

To ensure a long-term and sustained approach to tackle child malnutrition, cluster based approach has been designed where every ICDS BEAT has been divided into three clusters which are the groups of anganwadi with geographical proximity. The three prone strategy has been adopted in discussion with the government:

Planning coordination, & review processes

Realizing the importance of the convergence of all the village level functionaries of the government departments, the issue of child nutrition is being put as integral part of the village level convergence meeting scheduled every month.

Growth monitoring & promotion

This is to track every adolescent girl, mother( pregnant ) and child in the ICDS project area.Currently, over 9000 children registered under the Jawhar ICDS II project are being tracked for weight. Based on the experiences, the application has been revised and it includes the tracking of mother and adolescent girls as well.


A joint approach of human development through training and social mobilization is key to the complete project. Cascade model of training process has been adopted where the 24 taluka level master trainers have been developed from a pool of trainers under the various government departments including ICDS


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