The JSW Foundation (JF) and Government of Maharashtra are implementing action plans to reduce under-6 child malnutrition in Jawhar taluka of Thane district in Maharashtra. The project aims at accurate and efficient identification of malnutrition for focused preventive care and facilitating timely countering of the challenges of malnutrition.

Concept and Methodology

The project is to be implemented in two phases.

Phase 1 will primarily focuses on creating the enabling environment for the effective monitoring of the program. The detailed activities are as follows

An application to be developed using Android platform phones to capture the location and other information about each AWC and details of each child. There may be possibility of integrating data from the legacy system. This also includes the following

  • Geo-referencing of base map for locating habitations;
  • Customizing the Android Mobile Application to capture location and other information  about each AWC;
  • Training of Master Trainer for real time data capturing;
  • Designing and customizing backend database, customization of web based data transcription interfaces, procuring domain address;
  • Customization of GIS and linking the transcribed information with the GIS;
  • Providing server space, maintenance and administration of the website;

Phase 2 of the project covers real-time data capture and other enabling module for effective information dissemination. This would include

  • Regular survey using the Android application
  • SMS generation from the server side based on defined conditions
  • Integration of the data to a GIS platform
  • Server maintenance
  • Supporting the project staff by having a help desk

Based on these specifications the followings are the possible modules for the mobile application

 Registration of Angawadi Worker

 Registration of child

 Capture Geo-Coordinate for an operational area

 Regular nutrition monitoring

 Communication module – This will receive message from the server based on data and general broadcast message

For the web application, the following have been considered:

 User management

 Data monitoring module – To display data with appropriate level of filtering

 Data export

 Presentation of data on Google map (with appropriate access only – May not be public)

 Report and Chart – Will have various report based on institutional requirement

Technical Architecture

The project have mobile based application that is used by the field level functionaries to take the data on detailed progress of the child on a regular interval. The data taken from the mobile have been submitted to the online MIS on availability of the internet connectivity.

The online MIS have facility to see the data being collected in an user-friendly manner based on the designated user rights. The developed online application is hosted on an online server and role based access have been give to user group based on the defined rights.